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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

SP-21 - Mod

Original SP-21 speaker

View of backside - no hole

View inside - simple

Speaker - 8Ohm, 2w

Done 8nos. of hole

Done!! now acting like expensive speaker

Done some modification for this kind of standard Icom SP-21 speaker which is bought a several days ago..This mod very easy to do..hi hi..Steps as follow :

1) Remove 14 nos. of screws
2) Slowly open a cover, factory use gum for speaker cover
3) Remove 5 nos. of screw at cover speaker
4) Slowly remove a sponge - inside cover
5) Use 1/4mm drill to make hole - mine make 8 nos. of hole
6) Reinstall all cover as per normal

Frankly to say, now the speaker acting like expensive speaker & no more audio like 'Tong Kosong'..hi hi..Now the audio come out more pleasant & nice to hear..Good luck & all the best..

73/88 de 9M2ODY


  1. Hi 9M20DY.Just did the mod on the sp 21,a brand new speaker.Original it sounds grappy.I have drilled 10 x 10 mm holes.Use inprovement and sound generating now equvelent to my older sp 23.Thanks for sharing this.
    ZS1WC Jacques Vermeulen
    South Africa

  2. I have done the Mode sounds fine but you did not mention if you put the padding back in please let me know.
    73's Charlie 9H4CM

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