***de 9 Mexico 2 Ocean David Yesterday***
"Work active at 10m, 20m, 30m, 40m, 80m & also 2m band..all band worked at FM, SSB & PSK31 also CW modes..hpe can see u down the log & highly appreciated to work with me at the band"
"I'm worked seriously at 10m, 20m & 40m on my HF mobile station right now, please do not hesitate to answer if u hear my call, i'm always calling CQ DX during mobile"

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Why Wide?

During Check-in Malaysian 40m Net - 7130 MHz

Nowadays, propagation changing very fast..at this time we need some more power to penetrate the QRM but with widen tx bandwidth audio also can penetrate..this happen because with widen audio, we occupied more bandwidth to penetrate the QRM also..with two this work together power & wide bandwidth it's will be easy to others station to copy us..Just watch the video above & you will taste it..hi hi

p/s : Thanks to 9m2avb for recording.

73/88 de 9M2ODY

Sunday, December 11, 2011

now up to 7kc


Power SDR


Even feel too tired with routine works, still have time to this hobby..After got some advise & link from Ferry (Yb0AR), manage to play again to increase with TX bandwidth on this radio. Special thanks to Peter (G7VKK) for this kind of idea..very good also explanation from him..by using sound card & software inject to I.F Filter (12khz) at TS2000 (pre-installed), now this 'toy' can give almost 7kc TX bandwidth. No need madness modifications..May be most peoples will say 'splatter' but for me we have to try then we know..with word 'Experiment purposes' why not we try..hi hi..can say now I'm very happy with 7kc TX bandwidth on my TS-2000..Next project will be change LED light for LCD screen with Blue color..hi hi..Full story are here..

73/88 de 9M2ODY

Friday, December 9, 2011


Recorded by YB0AR

After done change Telefunken ECC83 Tube for MIC-200, now going further to touch-up little bit at EQ to get balance audio with current tube..you can hear some different with my audio now..separation, clarity is much better now..even we get much at low-end but we have to balance with hi-note to make sure people can understand what we talking about..our voice natural at mid side..so, we need to tone down mid-range at EQ to get audio more natural..so, enjoy the short video above & if possible please use your headphone..just do some sharing..

73/88 de 9M2ODY

Monday, December 5, 2011


2pcs. TeleFunken ECC83 Tube

Originally come with Bugera 12AX7T Tube

Tube removed

Replaced with TeleFunken ECC83 Tube


Just received 2pcs. Telefunken ECC83 tube from US, bought from ebay..Not waiting too long, I straight take & open MIC-200 to change the original tube to new one..Originally this MIC-200 using Bugera 12AX7T Tube but advice by a few members have to change & use ECC83..So, try to find at ebay, finally got this TeleFunken..Below some audio recording using Bugera vs TeleFunken :

p/s : Please using headphone to hear the different..

73/88 de 9M2ODY

Friday, November 25, 2011

40m Double Bazooka

1:1 Air Wound Choke

Feeding Point

40m Double Bazooka

Overall View

Today I have done 40m Double Bazooka antenna to replace 40m Delta loop position..Right now on-doing to dry-run this antenna.. receiving side very good, noise level also very low, can say only S1-2..very compatible to copy any weak stations..hi hi..the Delta Loop keep in store for time being to make sure this antenna can be utilize..Center frequency for this antenna is 7.060 Mhz.. The calculation as follow :

1. 460/7.060 = 65.15 ft (19.812 m)
2. 325/7.060 = 45.97 ft (14.012 m)
3. 65.15 - 45.97 = 19.03 (5.80 m)

Wish all of you all the best..Take care..

73/88 de 9M2ODY

Monday, November 21, 2011


Today, managed to frame all 'papers' got during previous contest..Since I got only 3 pieces so far, better I send it for frame & put at wall..Just for my collection purposes to make the shack more attractive (in my own view)..hi hi..Our friend from Arau (9M2GET) got more 'papers' at his wall, that be a part of my interest as well..may be some more friends I have not mention here also got many 'papers'..sooner or later, slowly..for sure I manage to get more 'papers' in future..hehe..If God willing..

73/88 de 9M2ODY

Friday, November 18, 2011


WOWW!! Praise to Allah, can't believe i can get this 'paper' for the previous contest..This 'paper' not only for me but to all contester who have worked together during the contest..unfortunately for CQWW 2011 contest I only enter for High Power 40m Single Operator..seem like not my luck for this time..hi hi..anyway, all the best for all contesters..don't give up..keep it up..go to an extra miles..think positive..all of us can do..

73/88 de 9M2ODY

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Some idea came when thinking what next? hi hi..so, to make the audio rack more attractive, PL-2000 is the way make the things life..more colourful & easy to do adjust when in dimmer mode..complete with IEC socket at back, it's make the AC cable to gears more tidiness & easy to control..just using switch on/off at PL-2000 all gears will be on/off..fast & easy..Here are spec for PL-2000 :-

Professional Rack Light and Power Distributor
- Powerful rotary light tube for directing light exactly where you need it
- 8 standard IEC connector outlets let you power up your entire rack of gear
- Dedicated On/Off switches for power outlets and light
- Resettable rear-panel circuit breaker protects all connected equipment up to an 8-Ampere load
- High-quality components and exceptionally rugged construction ensure long life
- Conceived and designed by BEHRINGER Germany

73/88 de 9M2ODY


This is my first QSL card on 2m band..I receive it by today & really surprise when look at that QSL..QSO with Chris on 2m at Jasra Repeater Local JB, his home call is DL7TZ..Thanks for the QSL & IRC..I have to reply immediately & will post by tomorrow..Anyway, many thanks for QSO & hope to meet you again..

73/88 de 9M2ODY

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Some local conversations (QSO) at 40m band within myself, 9m2mrl & 9m2au..Just enjoy the audio from JB, Ipoh & Bangi..Anyway, Thanks to 9m2zak for recording.

73/88 de 9M2ODY

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Work fine

AL-811 + MFJ-989c

Inside view

Cut-off switch broken - poor handling during shipping

Bypass done

Praise to God, just received this item last Friday after waiting about 10days shipping from US..Thanks to Rodger (N3AYA) for kind of this item..shipping with double box, with separate box for tube, this item reach here very well..tube form Penta, USA..only some part was broken may be because of handling but still can repair it..right now running with 2pcs tube only but still can working well..just fine with 400w..fair enough for me..hi hi..Just order part from Ameritron, it's took about 2weeks to reach here..this amplifier have done mod for 10m band..hope this amplifier can working lasting..Just enjoy this hobby..hi hi

73/88 de 9M2ODY

Thursday, October 27, 2011

More Relax..

With light

Dimmer mode

Last night I manage to put some LED Strip at my shack after saw a few members done it very nice & cool..this LED I bought 5m long at accessories car shop..still have balance so i kept it inside my store..hi hi..for sure now more relax when rechewing..like therapy compartment when in the shack..hahaha..just short story for today..just enjoy life with this kind of hobby..

73/88 de 9M2ODY

Monday, October 10, 2011

JIDX Contest - Cert


JIDX Cert.

Thanks to Allah for all goods, healths & wealths to move forward in this hobby..most about 5-6months I'm no more active at USB like 10m - 20m band..may be with this cert. i will back to the freq..seems like new injection in my life when this cert coming..For this coming contest, for sure I will joint..like Arau's Team can say like a Big Gun now..hi hi..all the best & have a nice day..

73/88 de 9M2ODY

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Power SDR - Voodoo

Bandscope - Panadapter

Setting for current audio

Before this i'm using Ableton software (thanks to OM Ferry) to make audio more hi-fi or Voodoo..right now i try this software to make sure it's can work same as ableton..very impressive when the audio report not so bad..just try & try to make the audio more clarity, fidelity & big..hi hi..plus this time I try to combine with hardware like SX3040 to make the low-end more tight..obviously this combinations worked very well..my setting very simple like this ; using AT2035 condenser mic - mic preamp (mic200) - sound card - SX3040 - mixer - transceiver..so far the audio report not make me regret..hi hi..all the best & have a good day..

73/88 de 9M2ODY

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

New Spectrum Bandplan

Before this we just follow Directive Instructions (DI) from MCMC's Officer to work at 40m band from 7.000mhz - 7.200mhz. So now all become realty when effective by yesterday (27/9/2011) the new Spectrum Bandplan were come out. And now we should thanks to God & person whose responsibilities with this goodness. Don't forget to enjoy this hobby with no doubt. You can check straight away from MCMC's Website.

73/88 de 9M2ODY

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Report DX on 40m

Antenna : 40m Full Size Delta Loop - Apex down (15m agl)
Beaming : 0 deg fix (North/South)
Power : 100w

The homebrew Delta Loop antenna look like just worked fine for Domestic or DX QSO..so far i'm very impressed with the performance wise because since i bring down dipole & put up delta loop the noise level very low & make me easy to copy other stations..Below are some report on this antenna..

It's time for me to chase DX on 40m band..hi hi..hope to see you soon at the band..

73/88 de 9M2ODY

Thursday, September 15, 2011

All back

Latest view

Praise to Allah, now I can smile when all back as per usual after the antenna's falling down effected by hard wind on last 10th sept..today so lucky when weather really beside me for accomplish the antenna's..anyway, thanks a lot for call/sms/effort for supportive..

73/88 de 9M2ODY

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Received from Bureau

Received via Direct

Marts or Malaysian Amateur Radio Transmitter's Society, the Bureau who responsibility to handle all QSL coming & distribute to the candidates..so surprised when i meet DAL to take element for my beam & he give me envelope with have so many QSL inside, I thought he joke..hi hi..then I look it's all for me..hehe..never ever think there is a lot stations outside there have make QSO with me..hi hi..a lot from them are rare stations..this is my opportunity for my new dxcc..hi hi..anyway, thank for all efforts..you are doing very good job bro..

p/s : DAL, thanks for pass it to me; Rabin, thanks bro.

73/88 de 9M2ODY

Friday, September 9, 2011

Sad But True

Bend antenna

Last segment falling down

make me sad when look this

I have to accept fate from Allah this afternoon when my last segment's tower falling down according hard wind coming..really sad but what to do, may be this trial from His & i accept it with sincere..all antennas bend & need to be change the elements..what ever it is Praise to Allah all save & my neighbour's roof nothing happen..slowly to remove all antennas, measure back the bend elements & ask DAL to help me..thanks bro..

p/s : Thanks for call/sms to me..

73 de 9M2ODY

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Delta Loop 40m


Overall View

Direct Feeding with 75ohm Coaxial Cable

Take about 1 1/2 hours to complete this antenna include put it up on the tower..for the time being the Trap Dipole i put it lay down to test this antenna..on receiving very good because noise level very low but now still under testing..yesterday i make it vertical (D) but today i changed it to horizontal (A)..shown as per polarization table below :

Update : Recently I have change feeding position to Apex Up, Low - Side Feed (B) with high radiation angle..

73/88 de 9M2ODY

Monday, July 25, 2011

Software Equipments

Overall Setup

PC to take care the software

This is some short story for my current audio set up..right now all control by computer..enjoy the hobby with audio for my new experiments with software..but i still learning to improve the audio like to make the bass tight with fidelity..intelligibility..what make me happy is i can record RX audio & playback on air to give them real-time audio report..from that, they can know how are their audio..just want to help people & enjoy the hobby..

73/88 de 9M2ODY