***de 9 Mexico 2 Ocean David Yesterday***
"Work active at 10m, 20m, 30m, 40m, 80m & also 2m band..all band worked at FM, SSB & PSK31 also CW modes..hpe can see u down the log & highly appreciated to work with me at the band"
"I'm worked seriously at 10m, 20m & 40m on my HF mobile station right now, please do not hesitate to answer if u hear my call, i'm always calling CQ DX during mobile"

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

9M's Recommendations

This is the form for 9M recommendations..i believe all of u have experienced into it..find 9M's for signatory..some of people think, it's not so important when signed at this letter..they thinking, this thing cannot make loan or cannot make money etc..but for me, it's talk about responsibilities..once your signature was there, it's really wanted u to make sense in whatever that person was done..if that person doing wrong, u have to correct him..to make him know what he was done..that why when signed, u have to see the person to make u know whose belong that callsign later..with this, it's easy for u to find him when that person doing something not right..so, please be responsibilities in what ever u do..keep long life & harmony for this hobby..
p/s : hams..not place to make money, it's just hobby..please utilize it like hobby..
73/88 de 9M2ODY

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