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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Schematic ESSB

Current Audio set up

Figure above shown my current set up for the audio emphasis on my shack..mic from Audio Technica is a Studio Condenser Microphone which is help me a lot to produce nice audio with using Large Diaphragm inside the mic..the rest 'audio chain' are follow as per above figure..unfortunately, all tranceivers are limited 2.4kHz..next step may be try to find the transceiver which is support wide TX filter..hi hi

73/88 de 9M2ODY


  1. Hello Ody,

    I see you are concerned about getting hold of a radio that can transmit a bandwidth of more than 2.4kHz?

    I asked InRad about doing this ( www.inrad.net ) for my FT-857D a couple of weeks ago.

    Have a look at their model number #724 [3800Hz] and #726 [2900Hz] filters for SSB. You can request to have them mounted on a board for your Yaesu radio.
    I asked for it to be done for the FT-857D and they said no problems! Just ask for it when you order!

    I will do this a little later when I have the money. Currently collecting other audio gear for eSSB.

    73, Ben
    VK2BEN (you can find me on the web)

  2. Hi Ben,

    First & foremost, thanks for visiting my blog & give some idea here..i will try to find it soon..i will contact you via email to know further info..

    Hope to see you at the band soon..