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Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Messy wiring

RFI Choke

There are many solutions for reduce/cut Mr. Ruffy (RFI) from enter to the transceiver..at the first step, i just make turn & put Toroid Snap at the turn to make RF/humming choke..& the result i got, RFI no more coming into my rig..so, i apply same method to each connections..below are the solution can be use for RFI/humming problem :

1. add Mix #31 Ferrite cores to the Microphone cable at each end, and in the middle..

2. mic cable is wired in a Balanced configuration..

3. change the microphone cable to a good quality cable like Canare or Mogami Starquad.. Whatever brand, be sure to get the Starquad..

4. shorten the mic cable to the minimum length necessary..

5. add a .001uf cap from the #2 Pin to #1 Pin, and a .001uf cap from the #3 pin to the #1 in the XLR connectors of the mic cable for RFI bypass..

73/88 de 9M2ODY

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