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Monday, January 25, 2010

Mic preamp

Dear all my friends..wish all of you are in good conditions..

nowaday, a lot station coming to my rig with powerfull audio, & i realize all that because of they have a powerfull station..consist of rig, linear, antenna & mic preamp..now i would like to introduce my loussy mic preamp..before that, i manage to build it after found the diagram at internet from one fellow (forgot the callsign) but unfortunely i cannot find two things..so, i make it short story, i just buy a mobile preamp..which is have 2 mic jack..manage one for phone, one for psk31..

i bought this very cheap one..then i manage to modified the output, one is capasitor & one resistor..this because i want give infinate input to my rig..after complete my experiments, i test it, what surprise me is, i set at my rig, mic gain=30, rf power = 60w, while test the ALC shown full bar & power meter touch 100w..from that i know this preamp generate so much gain..that was really surprise me..so now, i already have a mic preamp with bass, trebel, fader, echo, mic gain etc . in my shack..
73 from 9M2ODY

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  1. perghhh!!! maju r bang akil..dah sampai main quality audio....moga sukses...jgan lupe jumaat ni..jumpe di utm....hehe :D